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Welcome to CD GROUP Your Complete Services from Knitting to Garment

CD Group is one of the famous knitted fabrics manufacturers in Thailand. Originated since 1979, our operation started from offering dyeing service for local textile industries. We have obtained up to 3 companies which are C.D. Industrial Co., Ltd. For Yarn and fabric dyeing service L.S.D. Textiles Co., Ltd. Fpr quality knitting services is carefully provided for more than 10 years into both local and international market and L.D.N. Development Co., Ltd. for ready-made garment & made-to-order services, is neatly produced from our 16 year-experienced.

Our groups proudly present the decentralization of controlling and managing of each crucial function in textile and garment industry. Our operation was expanded with the proximity between each affiliate company as our major concern to minimize the delivery costs and strengthen co-operatios between our groups of companies. We currently employ more than 300 legal, skilled employees.

CD Group strongly believes in delivering perfect, one-stop service for our customers, which will eventually offers the total convenience and peace of mind to our customers. As a result, we expanded our business vertically towards the end-users-from knitting, dyeing & finishing, sewing, to packaging. It was through this business strength and benefits that we have received the trust and creditability from many reputable international brand names in many courtries such as France, USA, UK, Australia, Germany and etc.

Through the successful vertical integration and 20 years of experience, our clients can always count on us for total professional service and price competitiveness and please feel free to contact us if there is any information you would like to know which are not provided in our web site.
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