Packaging All the products produced from our company are always created with our heart and we are concerning seriously on producing as best quality as we can, together with the impressively greatest service along with the reasonable price. We only select the raw material such as paper from Siam Craft industrial Company (one of the best companies in Cement Thai Limited Company) and that will mainly be our raw material that we utilize in order to produce our products. Siam Craft Company is very famous in elegance tidy durable and standardize in quality internationally.

Size of company (Area) 2,725 M2
Productivity/ Month: 200,000 300,000 pieces
Duration of production and delivery: 3 days

Sample types of the previous productions the company had.
1. the organdy container
2. the clothes container
3. the home decoration container
4. the snack and food container
5. the dicut box

The quality of paper selected are from CA, KA, KS, KL, KF,and KT in all sizes. The crease paper selected are from B,C, BC and E.
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