Batik Fabric
Batik Fabric
Batik FabricOur amazing batik fabrics were developed in order to obtain differences color effect from ordinary batik dyeing. Special dyeing process and machinery were used for the production.

The dyeing process is carried out in two steps. The first dyeing is an important step which results in colour effect obtained. Any desired colour can be chosen such as yellow, red or blue. When the first dyeing has finished, the second dyeing is then performed by using conventional dyeing process but the colour used for second dyeing must be different from the first.

Our Batik dyeing technique is suitable for cellulosic fibers only such as 100 % cotton, 100 % rayon, 100 % modal rayon.
The sample of batik fabrics:

Batik Overdye (CDD083)
Ocean Batik 2 (C001)
Ocean Batik 2 (C002)
Marbel 1 (M001)
Marbel 1 (M002)
Pigment Dye (P001)
Spotty Dye (CDD108)
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